Securing His Mate by Laura M. Baird



Our spirit guide does not make mistakes. I have seen your path, Nicolette, and it is a difficult yet noble one. It will require great strength and faith. You will be a worthy complement to the partner chosen for you.”

At age sixteen, Nicolette wanted to believe in her grandmother's words, but how could Elisi know the future? How could she be sure someone was out there Nicolette would cross paths with and somehow know he was her soul mate?

Nicolette walked a fine line between respecting her family and honoring the traditions of her Cherokee heritage versus succumbing to the lure of modern times and making her own choices regardless of what was expected of her. Her mother did. Made her own choices, that is, by choosing to go to college and become a nurse rather than never having experienced life outside of their microcosm. She even fell in love and married a non-native. But their path brought them back to her mother's community, blending modern medicine with naturopathic and holistic methods.

Had that been her destiny foretold? If so, she never confessed that to Nicolette.

Life is filled with choices and each decision is a step toward your fate. Some will be easy to navigate, others, not so much. You will always have guidance when you follow your heart.”

Elisi lifted Nicolette's hand, nicking her palm to draw blood with the bear claw she held. She then slid the blunt end of the claw across Nicolette's palm until her blood entered the cavity, which Elisi then sealed with a stone. The claw hung from a leather cord which Elisi looped around Nicolette's neck.

The bear is revered, providing courage and vitality, having great value in family. Its spirit will guide you as you are now linked for eternity.”

Nicolette lifted the claw and felt it warm as it rested in her palm. Her pulse increased to an alarming rate but when she looked to Elisi for an explanation, Nicolette’s vision blurred until she saw only a smoky mist. She gasped as a sudden flash of green eyes and a mischievous grin filled her mind before dissipating just as quickly as it had formed. As her sight returned, she stared into the knowing eyes of Elisi. Her grandmother smiled and simply nodded before kissing her forehead.

She then stood and exited the enclosure, leaving her granddaughter to absorb what took place.

Nicolette looked once again to the pendant clutched in her hand.

Soul mate?