Hooked on Them by M. Thorne

Chapter 1


A loud groan escapes my throat as the sun beams in my face from the large windows. Rolling over onto my back, I began rubbing my eyes, as a large figure blocked the sun from my face altogether.

"Get up, you have to get ready for school Nadia." I could hear the irritation in Ivan’s voice..


"I'm up!" I growl.


"Your mom has work so me and Artem will drive you to school and pick you up from now on." He continues.


"Okay.” I sigh tiredly, slowly falling back asleep.


"Get up. Now!" He growls pulling the covers off of my almost fully tattooed body.


"I'm up asshole!" I lean up, glaring at him as if I could kill him with one look.


Turning my gaze to  the window in front of me I began thinking about my dad. He was my everything. Ivan rolls his eyes and walks out of my bedroom slamming the door behind him. I especially hate him. He's mean and ruder than Artem, my other step dad. While Artem is nice and charming to me. Ivan is the complete opposite and we often bump heads. I get up and get dressed, while shredding a few tears out of my swollen red eyes from crying the night before. I hate it here. I wanna go back to Russia and pretend my dad never died.  I want to rewind my life when my dad was alive, just to make the best of my life before this one.


My mom abandoned me when I was born. She got up and left as soon as she could. I never heard from her and she never tried to keep in touch. Until four months ago I was forced to meet her when my dad was killed in a drive-by shooting. Since then I’ve been forced to move to America with her. I'm not old enough to live by myself since I'm only 17. I missed Russia. It was my home. It was all that I knew. I looked at myself once more before walking out of my room.


"Are you ready to go?" Artem smiles at me as I walk down the staircase wearing a Nike short sleeve shirt and black Nike leggings showing most of my tattoos.


In Russia you could get tattoos when you turn 15. So let's just say I got a lot of them. I know I have a lot, but I love them all since they demonstrate a certain part in my life. Each one tells a different story. The ink shapes me into who I am today. Artem’s facial expression grew surprised as he looked at me. I never wore a short sleeve shirt around them in the four months I've been here, so they never saw any of the tattoos on my body other than my hands, and neck.


"Jesus." Artem chuckles, with his eyes roaming my nearly perfect sleeves of ink.


"What?" I chuckle walking straight past him.


"I didn't think you had that many."


"I have more than what is showing"  I say that matter of factly


"wow." He laughs a little bit as I chuckle back at him, walking into the kitchen and boy am I greeted with a snarky glare.


Martha stares at my arms with her nose scrunching up in disgust. "You're 17, not 18!"


"And I am my own person Martha, deal with it." I smile, grabbing a piece of toast.


"I don't like them."


“Well you know what Martha? That's stuff." I say sarcastically.


"Cover them up."


"Nah." I smirk, slightly biting into my toast.


"You'd look pretty without them."


"I'm just glad I look nothing like you and glad I look exactly like my father." I chuckle at her


"Excuse you?" she screeches


"yebat' tebya YA ne sobirayus' opravdat' vashi ozhidaniya, kogda u menya yest' svoi!!" I yell in Russian, sighing as she slowly started to piss off

"You do realize I speak Russian right, Nadia?" Martha smiles, tilting her head to the side.

I wish I had a gun right now so I can blow her brains all over these damn walls. "Yes, Martha! In fact I do. I know everything about you honey, whether you like it or not."

"What in the world are you talking about?"


"My dad. Y'know? Your ex husband? Cranos? Well he taught me everything about you, and everything I know right now." I chuckle, cocking my head to the side like she did hers.


Artem and Ivan joined us as they jogged down the stairs after fetching their jackets. It was a little chilly outside, but cold weather never bothered me living in Russia and all.


"We should get going." Ivan says, pressing his lips into a straight line bringing a spliff to his lips lighting it.


"Honey, wait a second. I'm talking to Nadia."


"Okay." Ivan takes a large inhale of the cigar, and blowing it out closing his eyes like it was drugs helping him calm down and accomplish more in his damn life


They both walk over and sit on the barstools, Ivan nearly chokes me with the smoke of his panatela. "How'd your dad die, Nadia?" Martha asks. Oh boy was she testing me at this point. "What the actual hell? Why on earth would you want to know?"


"Because I care about him." She admits, sighing


"Honey, it's not like his ghost can even hear you. I'm pretty sure he's in hell now paying for all of his deadly sins god never forgave him for." I chuckle, rolling my eyes quickly so they wouldn't notice.


"Drive by shooting, I got shot too. Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on him but it was too late. On the other hand, they rushed me to the hospital and thank god stopped the bleeding. So I'm left with the three scars from where the three bullets were in my body."


I finally say how he died. "I'm so sorry Nadia."



"Ask away sweetheart." She smiles.


"Why'd you leave?" I ask coldly.


"Honey, that was years ago.You should be over this by now." She says, placing her hand on mine. I look at her hand on mine. Touching my fucking hand too! I have a huge ass problem with people I don't like or anyone in general touching my body or even just my hand without my consent. I jerked my hand away from hers, as quickly as I could.


"But you still left him, leaving him alone to raise a child." I was trouble waiting to occur when I was a baby, man was I a nightmare for my dad.


"I p-panicked okay? Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot." I sigh as I finish the toast, which was delicious by the way.


"Why do you have so many tattoos?"


"Because." I say blankly


"Why though? And why all the piercings, honey?"


"Because I like the pain."


"What pain?"


"Getting hurt."


"Why would you want to get hurt, Nadia?" I sigh louder than I anticipated.


"You're not Mikhailova, you wouldn't understand." I admit pressing my lips into a thin line, like Ivan did a little earlier.


"I know your father like the back of my hand."


"Knew. You knew my father." I suppress a growl, making her shiver slightly.


"But why all the tattoos, Nadia?"


"I wanted them."


"You're covered in them"




"Look. Things are gonna be better around here unlike shit with your stupid father." My stupid father? My stupid father? My stupid father?


My stupid father? Her voice rang in my ears over and over as she said that one thing and I had it.

"I heard enough." I lean off the kitchen island.


"Don't talk back to me."


"I'm not, And never speak like that about Cranos around me. Or you'll regret it."


"Did you just threaten your mother?"


"No. No, I didn't threaten you. I made you a fucking promise. And Mikhailova's never break fucking promises."


"You are just like your father!"


"That is exactly what I was yearning for." I smile flakily.


"Watch your mouth, Nadia."


"Talk shit about my father again, I'll do more damage to you then what I just did to your feelings."I smirk, backing up from the counter.


"Whatever." She groaned, rolling her eyes, and crossing her arms as Ivan and Artem got up and followed me outside.


I look for other ways other than the gate out of this 'Estate'. "You can't just leave." Artem chuckles.


"Well.. I hate it here."


"You're not going back to Russia Nadia." Ivan sighs, getting in the car as I get in the backseat. "Watch me."


"I'd like to see you try." Artem snickers as he starts driving.


"I turn 18 in a month, I'm dropping out of high school and I'm moving out of this shitty place back to Russia and staying there with my real friends and family for the rest of my life."


"Whatever you say cupcake."


"What's cupcake?" I asked Ivan, he didn't seem to realize I was playing though.


"It's like a cake but smaller, you don't speak very fluent English do you?" I snort at Ivan and smile


“I was just kidding. I knew what a cupcake was.


"Whatever Nadia." He rolls his eyes as I snicker.






Chapter 2


"Hey!" Courtney giggles running up behind me as I make my way over to Artem and an impatient Ivan waiting for me, leaning against the car.   "Hi." I smile.

"So!"  she starts making me smile bigger.

"Nadia! Let's go!" Ivan growls, gesturing towards the car which pisses me off a bit. He has no patience whatsoever.


"Let her talk to her damn friend, mother fucker." Artem speaks up, making Ivan mumble  under his breath, sighing as usual.


Happily, Courtney and I  start our conversation back up again. "What're you doing this weekend?" Courtney smiles, arching her eyebrow in curiosity.


"Nothing, why?" I already knew she wanted to hang out, so why not? Right, nothing better to do.


"You want to go see a movie?"


"Sure." I smile, not showing my teeth of course.  She nods awkwardly, as I glance at Artem and Ivan.


“See you soon then” I say as I make my way over to the car and dreadfully climb into the backseat since they obviously think I’m such a child.


My phone started ringing, the caller ID was unknown. I already knew who it was though, Cecily, my step mom. Cranos's widowed wife. "Hey mom." I bite my bottom lip nervously, as she speaks. Artem and Ivan give me a confused look through the rearview mirror.


"Hey sweet girl." She chuckles, I frown hearing her voice. Her voice was one of the very few that I missed right next to me.


"His funeral is this weekend." She sighs referring to dad.


"D-dad?" my voice cracks.


"Yes, honey." I could hear the sadness in her voice.


"I don't think I can make it.." I sigh, it was all the way in Russia and I'm in America currently. That could never work out.


"Baby I'm already on my way to pick you up, I just got on a flight to the states." My jaw drops.


"Oh my god I love you, for real this time." I smile, revealing my teeth. Ok ok, maybe I loved her a bit too much right now. Nah, that's an understatement.


"You're coming back to Russia, permanently, Nadia." an immediate gasp escapes my lips.




"Martha?" She asks, chuckling.


"What about her?" I screech


"How is she treating my princess?"

"Like I'm a disgrace of course." I roll my eyes in sync with my last word.


"I'm assuming it's because of the ink and piercings, right?"she says sarcastically


"Spot on."


"Look, I have to go." she speaks up in a hurry.


"Okay." I sigh.


"Love you baby."


"Love you too ma." She hangs up, But I leave it to my ear hoping to hear her voice again.


Sadly the next voice I heard was Artems voice "Who was that?"


"My step mother." I spit out not wanting to talk.


I sigh, setting the phone down in my lap wishing she was still on the other line. "Well, now you have both huh?" Ivan chuckles.


"I mean.. It's weird having three step parents." I say blankly


"Never heard of love triangles before, Nadia?" Artem chuckles.


"How'd you meet her?"


"At  a party, it was in high school." Ivan smiles, thinking back to the memories of when they were younger.


"Freshman year." Artem adds on.


"You got anyone at home?" Ivan asks, leaving me confused.He obviously noticed.


"Like a boyfriend? Maybe." I chuckle, looking out the window.


"What's his name?" Artem asks, okay nosy.


"He doesn't have a name, I mean he does but I don't think we're dating yet" His name was Kade Stone, yeah I know. basic white boy and bad boy player head of the football team name.


"So you two aren't serious?" Ivan asks.


"I don't think so Ivan." I sigh leaning forward in the seat.


"How do you not know?" Artem chuckles at me not thinking straight.


"It's just complicated right now Artem," I sigh out loud rubbing the temple of my forehead.


"So you don't love him?" Artem asks, not chuckling anymore.

"I don't just love someone. They have to earn my trust first, they have to be loyal, they have to earn my love and trust before I just say the L word. Plus I'm a slut, I sleep with every guy I see." I glance up at their eyes burning through mine.


They seemed pissed that I called myself a slut. "You are not a slut, Nadia." Artem growls, making goosebumps cover my entire body. It was weird, his growl was attractive but at the same time I got scared because I never get goosebumps unless something bad is about to happen or something good is going to happen.

"It's the definition of me, Nadia Mikhailova. Why not?" I sigh slumping back in my seat.

"You don't know me, so don't assume things." I say as Ivan goes to speak.


"We don't know you because you haven't opened up to us at all yet, Nadia." Ivan sighs.


"Open up?" I chuckle.


"You're hiding stuff, Nadia." Artem says. "You're pushing down your emotions like we do."



"You shouldn't do that." Artem says keeping his eyes glued to the road as we got closer to their house


"It's what he taught me to do and I do it because I promised him I wouldn't let myself break in front of anyone especially her if we ever met." I sigh louder, it was a frustrating sigh that I needed to release so bad. It felt good to get that out, really good.


"Who, Martha?" Artem asks furrowing his brows. I nod.


"And he, as in your dad?" Ivan asks.

I nod again, "Yes."

"Nadia if you don't stop huddling what your feeling inside that tiny little fucking ball it's going to all come out at once and you won't be able to control it." Artem sighs, as the house comes into view and the car slowly stops in front of it.


"I already know what it feels like. It happened many times before."


"Who was around you when you broke then hmm?" Ivan asks being the asshole he is.


"My dad and his girlfriend at the time.. which I didn't like at all."


"What happened?" Artem asks.


"She was talking shit about me, right in front of me. We were eating dinner and she kept babbling on about how ugly I am with my piercings and tattoos and how I should kill myself, so I lost it and I threw my pocket pocket blade at her that I had from working with my dad a few nights before. I didn't know what I was doing because I wasn't thinking straight, the blade hit her artery and she bled out in  less than 5 minutes on the dining room floor." I tell them as if I was back in that memory.


"That is exactly why you can't do that, Nadia." Ivan sighs as we pull into the driveway.


"If I kill anyone my family covers it up. I'll be fine if I break again." I climbed out of the car as they parked.


~LaterThat Night~


I walk down the stairs wearing shorts and a crop top. All of my tattoos are on show except for the ones under the fabrics. "You have tattoos going down your legs!?" Martha screeches with her jaw dropping in disgust.


"Mhm.." I hum sitting down across the table from Ivan and Artem.


~Ivan's POV~


"So how close were you and your dad?" Martha asks Nadia.


"What the hell is your problem with asking about my dad?" She rolls her eyes then  looks back at her food in disgust without interest in eating since Martha made it. It was a bit funny honestly.


"I'm just curious Nadia." Martha sighs.


"He was my best friend, that's how close we were." Nadia says, pressing her lips into a tight straight line.


"I can be your best friend." Martha says making Nadia squeeze her eyes shut and groans pinching the bridge of her nose tightly. Clearly showing she was pissed off, and about to break.


"Why don't you get it?" Nadia sighs. "I don't like you, I literally want nothing to do with you."she continues.


"You're cold hearted Nadia." Martha growls, trying to sound like she was some kind of dominant.


Honestly, she sounded like a pig who snorted rolling around in messy ass mud. "I was raised that way, get used to it Martha."


"You're just like your father."


"I know this Martha."


"You probably kill for living too." She mumbles under her breath looking at Nadia.


"Not exactly."


"But you still kill people right?"


"Yes Martha." I like how she only addresses her as Martha, no other name or nickname. It's funny because it pisses Martha off when she does that.


"Let's talk about something else sweetie?" Artem asks, trying to help Nadia out of this situation.


"Fine, you know Peter?" Martha asks Nadia. Nadia lets out a huge deep sigh of frustration. "Yes, Yes I know Peter."


“He's dead.”


"I know this."




"You know how." Nadia growls. An awkward feeling rushes over me as I feel my cock harden beneath the table. Holy fuck, Nadia seriously just gave me a boner.


"Your dad killed him."


"I know this too, Martha." She growls again, I look at Artem who is shifting uncomfortably in his seat. He had a huge ass bulge that Nadia was going to see along with mine when we got up from the table.


"Were you two close?" She asks Nadia.


"Me and Peter? Not one bit." She rolls her eyes, pressing her lips tighter together to try and not to say anything else that could lead to her breaking.


"Because you are a psychopath just like your father, You're a sick bitch, a maniac, you're crazy! Fucking mental Nadia! You need help dear." Martha says, making her glance at the knife that she was using to cut up her steak, but wasn't even eating it since Martha can't cook worth shit. Nadia gets up and throws the knife, Martha luckily barely dodges it. Artem and I stand up as she storms towards the front door running out of it towards the sidewalk besides the street that was not busy ever.


"Nadia!" I yell after her as me and Artem run to catch up with her.


"Go away." She growls again, slowing down walking down the sidewalk as it starts to rain. It was dark, very dark.


"Nadia, relax, just come here." Artem sighs, grabbing her and pulling her into his chest as she breaks down crying into his muscular chest full of ink like mine. She broke just like we told her would happen and she didn't listen to us. Now she knows to listen to us, she knew we were right after all.


"Shh. Nadia calm down. Slow deep breaths, okay?" He holds her tighter as I hug her from behind, she stiffens at first but soon gets used to the feeling of being trapped between two muscular bodies.


"Sweetheart, It's okay." I chuckle, kissing the back of her head. There were two reasons she was crying.




Chapter 3


Nadia's POV:


"Let go of me!" I shriek as Ivan walks me to my room, I yank out of his arms and lay down.


"Damn." I groan at his handprint on my arm now, I mean I wasn't complaining but ouch dude!


"What did we tell you?" Ivan asks.


"Leave me alone."


"Not until you calm down." Artem chuckles, closing the door behind them.


"I am calm." I tried to pursue them but it didn't work. "We all know that's a lie." Ivan snickers, maybe he was finally warming up to me after all.


"I want to go back to Russia, shit would be better down there." I sigh, realizing Cecily should be here any minute!


"I bet it would, Nadia." Artem sighs, walking closer to me.


"It would but you can't go back, Martha has custody of you." Ivan sighs.


"Not for long. My dad's funeral is this weekend."


"we're sorry, Nadia." I nod my head slightly.


"My step mom called and said she was on a plane to the states. She said she was picking me up to go back to Russia with her for dad's funeral. She's getting custody of me too." I wipe my tears away, slowly.


"I don't think they can hand over custody that quick." Ivan says, frowning.


"I turn 18 in a month so it really doesn't matter anymore."


"You'll be an adult," Artem smiles, chuckling.


"I know. You two could do so much better than her."


"Trust us, we know." Ivan sighs again.


"Why the fuck are you with her in the first place?"


"We fell in love in high school and dated her since then. We didn't know why but we proposed and decided to settle down with her even though there are more women out there that wanted us and we didn't give them a chance." Artem says, does that include me? I knew I was out of place for feeling that way but somehow the emotion just came about.


"Oh." Is all I say as they lay down next to me on the tiny ass bed Martha put in here thinking I could sleep in this house. I stare into space getting lost in my own thoughts, I'm laying on my side. Without knowing my fingers start tracing Ivan's tattoos. He watches my finger as it traces his amazing ink, slowly his skin starts prickling into tiny goosebumps like mine did in the car earlier. He tenses up, but he let’s me continue. His eyes wander to mine but I never looked up at him. Then I felt two sets of hands tracing mine on my bare legs assuming that was Artem.


Somehow I felt as if this was normal. Being right here between the two men I couldn’t stand just hours ago. Somehow being here right next to Ivan who was wearing a tight black tank top showing off his muscles perfectly. He takes his thumb and wipes away the tears that fell my now burning eyes, making me stop tracing his tattoos and lay my head on his chest. I sniff and close my eyes. Moving around slightly to get comfortable as he wraps his arms around my shoulders.


"Go to sleep, Nadi." He whispers. I guess that's my new nickname from him?


"If Martha sees me sleeping with you she's gonna get the wrong idea,  you guys should go." I sigh, yawning.


"So what, let her." He says calmly. "You turn 18 in a month so it'll be legal." I'm sorry what!? Did he just. What did he mean by that. Was he making a pass at me after all?




"Nevermind." Ivan sighs.


~Artems POV~


I watch as Nadia sleeps in between Ivan and I peacefully. She looks so calm and beautiful. As if this is her natural state. Not the tough girl shell she has to tirelessly wear everyday. It was like seeing her in an entirely different state. And it intrigued me completely.


~2 hours later~


Nadia’s  phone rings but she sleeps through it. Ivan grabs it and answers it immediately.




"Tell Nadia my plane landed, I'm headed over there to get her. I don't want Martha to come to Russia for my husband's funeral. But you can since I don't have custody of her yet."


"We'll come." He says, licking his lips, before sighing and looking at a sleeping Nadia.


"Thank you so much, I'll be there in about half an hour to pick you three up."


"We'll be waiting."


~30 Minutes later~


"Nadia." Ivan begins shaking her gently.




"Nadia you gotta get up." I smile. Watching the sight of her reaction to being woken up.  "Mh." She groans quietly. She rolls her head back onto Ivan's chest. "Nadia."

"hmm!" She growls getting grumpy. "Your step mom is here." Ivan says.


Immediately her head jolts up and she rubs her chest, jumping out of bed finding her clothes and  getting dressed. She choses a silky grey colored  high boots that go up past her knees, black shorts with tears in them on her thighs so short they barely leave the bottom of her ass giving us a clear view that she has quite the shape on her. It was very hard to keep my eyes off of her body as she moved around the room.


Grabbing her phone off of the dresser. She rubs her eyes and looks in the mirror checking herself out, she turns around and pulls her shorts up more making her ass hang out even more causing me and Ivan to groan and adjust our pants getting up to go to our room where Martha is sleeping still. I wear a white shirt that hugs my muscles very tightly along with black ripped jeans while Ivan wears a grey and white shirt with black jeans. "Why're you all dressed up?" Nadia asks as soon as she sees us leave our room.


"We have to go to Russia with you because your step mom doesn't want Martha there, plus she doesn't have custody of you yet but we do for now."


"Fine." She groans.


"She's here."


"Her name is Cecily."


"Well then, Cecily is here."


"God, get me the hell out of here." She groans running down the stairs. As soon as we get outside Cecily jogs to Nadia and hugs her as tight as a bear. They stay quiet as they hug, and suddenly start speaking a language that I think is Russian. "I'm flattered." Cecily suddenly speaks in English as they break apart.


"So baby how's America?" Cecily asks as we began driving


"Couldn't you hear me over the phone screaming for you to get me out of here?" Nadia sighs, scrolling through her Instagram full of Russian models both guys and girls. "But seriously how is it down here?"


"It's alright."


"just alright?"


"It would be better if I didn't have to put up with a dumbass whore 24/7."




"It's honestly sad that you know who I'm talking about when I only use nouns to describe her." Nadia laughs, smiling ear to ear with her perfect pearly white teeth.


We've never seen her smile like that, Damn is her smile beautiful though. "How did Martha score you two?" Cecily focuses her question on Ivan and I.


"In all honesty? She didn't." Ivan says. "We met her in high school back when she was actually pretty." I roll my eyes, glancing out the window. "She changed into a selfish bitch now and everywhere we go she makes us cover up our tattoos and piercings, she hates them just like Nadia's." Ivan says.


"Well you two can do a lot better than a cunt with a smelly pussy." Cecily laughs.


"Trust me we know." Ivan laughs. A couple minutes go by in complete silence.


"Nadia." Cecily sighs.


"That's my name." She looks up at Cecily.


"What did Martha say to make you break?"


"I don't know what you're talking about." Nadia replies bitterly


"Your hands are shaking, your legs are bouncing up and down, you keep licking your lips. That is exactly what you do when you broke." Cecily responds to her, in a tone letting her know that she knew her far more than she thought.


"She went off on me and I lost it."


"What exactly did she say?" "Basically that I'm a crazy psychopathic maniac that needed help."


"Nadia, Jesus I'm sorry you had to put up with that for so long."


"It's fine even though I almost killed her." Nadia sighs.


"ALMOST!?" Cecily screeches


"Yes almost."


"Who stopped you??"


"We did." I speak up.


"Thank you."


"you're welcome." Ivan says.


"So did you meet any new boys?" Cecily asks , raising an eyebrow.


"Yes.. kinda." Nadia responds sheepishly.


"Girl tell me everything!" Nadia smiles brightly again.


"Sooo.. There's this one guy..."











Chapter 4


Nadia's POV:


"Any piercings?" Cecily asks giggling as we walked through the airport straight to our private jet.


"His tongue. Do not ask how I know that." My cheeks heat up, turning a deep shade of crimson.


"You either kissed him or he stuck his tongue out."


"The first one." I giggle like a child with a crush.


"awww." Cecily coos mocking me.


"All we did was fuck, nothing more." I state blankly, shrugging my shoulders.


"Wait where did you fuck this kid?" Artem asks with his eyes wide in shock.


"At school,  don't worry. I haven’t  snuck any guys inside that house." I wink, biting my lower lip.


"My sweet little innocent girl isn't as innocent as I thought." Cecily smiles, wiggling her eyebrows. I stay right beside Cecily as we get closer to the jet. As soon as we boarded the jet, we realized there weren't any other seats except the ones next to me so Artem and Ivan had no choice other than to sit next to me, trapping me between their wide muscular shoulders.


"Nadia, I never got to thank you." Cecily sighs.


"For what?" I ask, furrowing my brows as her pretty eyes watered like crazy.


"You took a bullet for him, Nadia." She smiles faintly.


"How're you alive?" My mom asks, with tears running down her cheeks.


"It's not like that was the only time I've been shot. I can handle the pain for long enough to get to a hospital or my personal doctor. He was the same way, so I have no clue how he didn't make it." I said in question more than as a statement.


"I'm so sorry, Nadi.."


"We both lost him, don't be sorry." I give her a weak smile as the jet takes off.


"We might run into the gang that shot him, so I might as well get the family and set out a bounty."


"Nadia, that is a god damn suicide mission!" My mom yells at me. I shrug.


"That's exactly why I'm doing it."


"Nadia Mikhailova!" My mom yells.


~Ivan's POV~


She's a teenager, her dad just died not too long ago. Of course she's going to be depressed and wanting to end her life. I mean to be honest? Who wouldn't think that way. She's going to kill the gang who killed her father even if she dies in the attempt of getting revenge, that’s just who Nadia is. But I will be damned If I let her do that without a fight.


"It's the truth." Nadia sighs, slumping in her seat with our shoulders brushing together.


"Think about your dad you dumb fuck. Think about me. Think about button!" Cecily sighs heavily, also slumping in her seat making Nadia groan and tense slightly.


"Why'd you have to say the last part?" She mumbles.


"You got to stop being so selfish."


"I'm not trying to."


"Nadia, look at me."




"Nadia!" Nadia stares at the floor frowning. Cecily gets up and grabs her chin forcefully making her look at her. "Don't you ever say shit like that again, do you understand me?"


"Why not?"


"Child. You have so much to live for, just because one person is gone you are going to kill yourself?" Cecily says touching a nerve.


"Because that 'one person' was the only one who really cared for me and loved me. He was the only fucking person that was there when button was there."


"Button is gone. Deal with it Nadia! And so is your dad."


"At least dad got to live his life, huh?"


"Look Nadia, I'm sorry. But you can't be like this anymore."


"Be like what?"


"I'm sorry about button but you can't use that as an excuse." Nadia starts babbling stuff in Russian. Something about when she spoke in russian turned me completely on. Like some secret switch only she held.


"Papa byl by zdes', yesli by ne ty prishel v nashu zhizn'."


"And I'm sorry Nadia!" Nadia tilts her head with her lips parting.


"But that'll never change the fact that I actually see you as a mother so do me a favor and don't piss me off again and we'll be fine ma." Cecily nods and lets go of her chin sitting back down. Nadia pulls her legs up to her chest immediately. I immediately let my eyes  roam to Nadia’s legs, she has a young woman with a clock tattooed on her right thigh. Before I could think, my fingers traced the woman's eye catching Nadia's attention.


"I have a question." I speak up.


"Shoot." She says.


"Who's button?" Her eyes widen as she gulps. I shouldn't have asked them I'm guessing?


"I'll tell you about it later when I trust you." she says blankly.


"So you have trust issues?"


"Is it that obvious?"


"You can trust us Nadia." I tried to reassure her.


"How do I know that Ivan?"


"You remember my name, that's a start." She rolls her eyes.


"Nadia be nice!" She raises her middle finger at Cecily, making me and Artem laugh.






"Stop it."


"Fine." She sticks out her tongue.


"Nadia!!" Cecily laughs. I glance at her and arch my eyebrow, clearly confused.


"What?" She asks.


"What's on your tongue." She sticks her tongue so I could see the piercing of a middle finger going through her tongue. What the actual fuck. She really is different.  As soon as we land, Nadia gets up taking off her eyebrow piercing, her nose ring, her lip ring, her tongue ring, and her belly button ring. She goes to her ears and pulls out her small hoops, then she pulls up her shirt. I remember she said the other day she had one of her tits pierced. She looks down at her breast and pulls the ring out leaving me in awe looking like a kid who had just seen the most fascinating thing play out in front of him.


"I still can't believe you got your tits pierced." Nadia laughs in response.


"Did it hurt?"


"Imagine a needle going through your nipple, of course it hurts."


"Well, true.. ouch."


"It wasn't that bad."


"Imagine getting your clit pierced."


"Guilty- huh.." Nadia has her clit pierced!? Fuck my imagination begins to wander into so many directions beginning with imagining licking her wet pussy until she came all over my tongue being able to taste every last drop. Her walls pulsating around my fingers as she had her orgasm, god damn would that be hot. Nadia moaned my name as I gave her what she wanted, hard cock that was yearning to be inside of her sweet and tight pierced pussy.


"No you did not."


"Okay, bye!" She jogs off the jet, walking into the airport as we laugh following her.


"She's going to be the death of me." Cecily sighs.


"She is a handful." Artem chuckles, grinning ear to ear.


"That she is. I know you like Nadia, It's okay I won't tell her. Just wait until it's legal."


"We know Cecily." I sigh, running my hands through my hair as the gel keeps it intact.


"Treat her well, okay? She will tell you about button and her past when she trusts you fully. But don't push it"


"We won't." Me and Artem speak at the same time.


~Nadia's POV~


"His funeral is on Saturday so we have all week together." My mom smiles weakly at me.


"Okay, just keep Ethan away from me."


"I will do my best baby." Soon we get to Cecily's house. The driveway had a red corvette that did not belong to Cecily.


"I told you I'd see everyone at the funeral ma."


"I don't know whose car that is Nadia, be careful." Cecily sighs, flipping out her switchblade walking up to the front door and slowly opening, it was already open. I quickly walk up to Cecily as I get tackled to the ground immediately…








Chapter 5


Nadia's POV:


"What are you doing here Kade?" I groan from beneath him on the grass.


"You think you could run away from me?"


"You crazy bastard."


"Don't call me that baby-"


"K buddy, you got the wrong idea,"

"No, Nadia baby, you're mine!" His words annoyed me.


"Crazy, because I don't belong to anyone!" I growl digging my kneecap into his groin smiling like the demon I am. He roars in pain as I get up quickly.


"You came alone?" I ask as Cecily kicks his guts in. I smile as he quickly nods, already coughing up blood.


"I loved you!" He yells with blood dripping down his chin onto his neck. I rolled my eyes and burst out laughing.


"Kade, you're just in love with my pussy." I smile as Cecily cuts his throat.

"Who the hell? Was that Kade as in your boyfriend?" Artem asks eyes wide in disbelief


"We only fucked, I got blood on me." I groan, Cecily hands me her hoodie and I gladly accept it.


~One Hour Later~


The one thing I was most scared of in life is Kane Patrova. And here he is standing right in front of me. His lips smash onto mine, making me cringe.


"Kiss me back, god dammit!" He whimpers and I kiss him back as told. His saliva mixed with mine made my eyebrows furrow. I scream at him to stop as he begins to be taken off by him. I cry out in agony begging him to stop but he wouldn’t. He just wouldn’t.




“So. You won't tell anybody about this, do you understand baby girl!?" He says smacking my cheek lightly making sure I responded.


"Yes.. I-I understand."


"Good girl."  He smirks before he begins to climb out of my window right after he finished what I wished didn’t happen. I slowly get up shaking and getting dressed. I burst out crying and fell on my ass on the floor crying. I grab my phone and dial my dad's number immediately with shaking hands.


"You've reached Cranos, leave a voicemail. I'll get back to you as soon as possible." I hear my dad's voice, I cry harder, huddling into a ball. BEEP.


"Right when I need to hear your voice that's all I get? I wish you were still here. Cecily isn't the same.. dad everything is so different without you here. Why did you have to go? You do realize I'll never get over the fact that you're gone and never coming back, right? I just got used once again for my body. Dad please make it stop. Just make it stop. I'm weak without you, I'm not strong anymore.."


~Artem's POV~


"What do you mean you got used again Nadia?" I ask her as tears fly down her cheeks.


"Go away.." She whispers, crying harder.


"No. Now tell us what’s going on." Ivan says sternly but not to the point where he would scare her. She gets up walking to the bathroom in an attempt to get away from us. We follow her, my eyes widen as I notice bruises and handprints on her wrists, and then a handprint on her neck looking like someone tried to choke her to death.


"Who did this to you?" I asked in disbelief, grabbing her wrists but making sure to be as gentle as I could as I examined them.


"It's none of your concern."

"Yes it is. Who did this to you sweetheart?" Ivan asks frowning, looking straight down into her eyes pleading with her.


"These look like fresh bruises, who hurt you babygirl?" I ask cupping her cheeks with both of my hands.


"He did."


"Who's he?" Ivan asks. Her jaw clenches and she lets out a shuttering strangled breath.




"Last name?" I ask.


"Patrova." She breathes out clenching her eyes shut.


"What did he do?" She stays quiet and rests her head against my chest finally.


"Did he rape you Nadia?" Ivan asks. Nadia slowly nods.


"Yes." She says softly. He's dead, mark my words. DEAD!!



Chapter 6


~Nadia pov~


"You're staying in their room for tonight. I don't trust you alone since what happened." Cecily says sternly.


"Oh you're afraid I'll do this?" I asked as I rolled up my sleeve dragging my blade across my skin slowly tearing it apart as blood came to the surface.


"NADIA OH GOD!" Cecily screams.


"What's going on?" Ivan asks as I pull down my sleeve and put the blade away.


"Show them." she says stern yet devastated.


"No." She immediately grabs my wrist and rolls my sleeve back up showing them the blood, and all the huge cuts across my arm.


"Your father let you do this?" Cecily asks. I sigh and shake my head no.


"He didn't know"

"This doesn't change a thing Nadia, you're still sleeping with them tonight."


"No the hell I am not!"


"Nadia, seriously we won't touch you." Ivan groans, crossing his arms, flexing his muscles at me. Fuck me after what happened I shouldn’t be wet right now!




"Nadia, we'll sleep on the floor." Artem speaks up.


"No." I say for the millionth time.


"Nadia. We're not leaving you alone."


"Jesus Christ, fine!!" I growl.


~1 hour later~


You've reached Cranos, leave a voicemail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


" I needed to hear his voice again, okay?” I slowly click the red button, to end the call. He wasn't going to pick up the phone Nadia! he's gone! Cranos Mikhailova is gone!! I slip the phone on their nightstand sighing deeply to myself.


~Ivan's POV~


Me and Artem walk into our room as Nadia sits her phone down.  Her eyes immediately dart to us and she quickly looks away as Artem lifts his shirt above his head tossing it in the dirty clothes. He lies down next to her chuckling softly as she gaped at his bare chest covered in ink.


"Oh god." She mutters.


"What sweetheart?" Artem asks, like he didn't do anything.


"Oh nothing. It's just that you said you would sleep on the floor."


"We're too old to sleep on the floor sweetheart." He chuckles.


"We won't touch you Nadia." I say as I slip off my shirt throwing it in the dirty clothes like Artem did. I lay down in the bed trapping her between our big warm bodies. I only wear ripped jeans as she leans into the bed getting more comfortable.


"Night step daughter." I chuckle, smirking her way.


"Don't... just don't..." She sighs, closing her eyes. A few moments later we hear a small moan escape her lips as she turns on her side towards me dead asleep. My bulge grows as I palm myself through my pants, God this is absolutely torturous not being able to touch her. Especially since I’ve been fantasizing about fucking her for some time now, not to mention a few other things as well.




"You're not wearing a dress Nadia?" Cecily asks in shock.


"I don't wear dresses."


"Oh. Well, you look gorgeous baby."




"You are welcome. Boys!! You look very handsome, like always." She winks, offering a friendly smile as Nadia stood there with her arms folded across her chest waiting to be treated like the spoiled queen she is.


~Nadia's POV~


Ivan and Artem walk down the stairs, in outfits that hug their damn muscles so tight that If they flexed  it would rip the clothing altogether. The thing is I want it to happen.  I'm literally drooling here. I quickly look back at Cecily, pursing my lips begging to get me out of here and away from them. I could not even handle how hot they were as of right now. We made our way to the car and made our way toward dad's funeral. When we arrived, it was already packed.


People were crying, and visiting his casket already.  God I can't do this! "I'm going to go see him, wanna come?"


"No thanks," Cecily hugged me, walking away down the aisle while  I went to sit down but people kept stopping me and hugging me along the way. They were  saying the usual. How sorry they are for my loss mostly but shit... I'm sorry too.


"Thank you... It's nice to meet you... Thanks... It's okay... I'm fine…" I felt like a broken record full of lies. I finally sat down, sighing as I watched my mom gently move hair out of his face. She kisses his forehead, sobbing.


"You wanna go see him?" Artem asks with a weak smile.


"I don't think I can."


"Of course you can." Artem frowns.


"I want to but at the same time I don't want to see him."


"You don't want to see your dad?"


"Not dead, I don't." They both frown at my choice of words.


"We'll take you up there." Ivan says.


"I'll cry."


"And yet you have two shoulders to cry on." Artem says.


"Fine." I whisper as they get up. They both grab my hands and I sigh again. I wrap my fingers around theirs as we walk over to his casket. I take my hands from theirs, frowning, staring at his face. My eyes sting as they become blurry and finally a tear slips out. I reached my hand out and wiped them over his hair, the way he liked it. My smile fades as I notice his eyebrows, and his nose. His nose was never curved at the tip, his eyebrows were never that bushy, they were perfect.


"Well shit."




"What's wrong?"


"That isn't his body, it's stuffed."


"How do you know that?" I will explain. Just to confirm my theory, I looked around me to make sure no one was looking as I dug the blade into the fake plastic like skin, scooping it up along with the stuffing inside of the fake body.


"This isn't even his body."


"Then where is his body?"


"I don't know." I pull the collar back up over the neck, and stride towards Cecily.


"He's stuffed, that isn't even his body."


"What!?" I hand her the cotton and the plastic.


"Then where is his body!?"


"Maybe he isn't dead after all." Cecily sheds a tear.


"Hey guys!" Martha says coming around the corner.


"What the actual fuck is she doing here?" I raise my voice growling a bit under my breath. Ivan and Artem groan, in sync.


"I thought I would be their date to the funeral!" She chimes walking straight to Ivan and Artem.


"Get out of here Martha!" I groan, loud enough for her to hear. "How dare you show up at my husband's funeral you sick cunt!" Cecily growls, balling her fists.


"Because my husbands are here!!"


"Maybe, you are not welcome. Nobody here wants to see your face again. They will kill you. Hell, get in there already!!"


"So, they are welcome and not me!?"


"Yes.  Because at least they don't lie to me like you do. They are not selfish like you, maybe they are not attention seeking whores like you, maybe I actually like having them around more than you! So do us all a little favor and fuck off before I let Cecily beat your ass! I might even join in and slit your pretty little neck honey"

"Okay let's calm down." Artem says.


"Fuck off." I groan. Artem's hands rested on my hips, making me relax and lean into his arms. He pulls me into his warmth so I wrap my arms around his neck, I rest my head on his shoulder. And then... The unbelievable happens…












Chapter 7


~Nadia's POV~


And then the unthinkable happens. "Just follow my lead okay?" Artem says. He whispers in my ear, pulling his head away from my neck. I nod.


"Look at me." I slowly lifted my chin up, so I could look straight into his eyes directly. The way his eyes burned through mine sent shivers down my spine, his glare was scary but sexy at the same time.


"Put your hands on my shoulders, we're going to put on a little show for that cunt." I have no time to respond as he roughly slams our lips together. I pull away from his lips and look into his eyes, his stupid sexy smirk appears. His lips crash back down towards mine, meeting in a memorable moment. Sparks shoot through my body as his hand grabs my waist pulling me closer. Our lips collided together with so much passion. It was almost too much for me to even handle.


"Artem.." I whine as his hand squeezes my ass. This is happening Nadia, This is real. You aren't dreaming this up like the other night. This is really happening, Artem and you are kissing! We pant into each other's mouths taking small breaks to catch our breath quickly. It's crazy how they went from absolute strangers to my sexy step fathers now to whatever they are. I definitely don't just see them as my step parents. Definitely not now after this. We're something much more now. Much much more. I tangled my fingers into his strands of blinding brownish blondish hair, his locks shining in the sunlight as it began to set.


I gasp feeling his wet long tongue poke at my lips, I grant him access to kiss me even more sloppier involving our tongues by opening my small mouth for him, for his dominance. "Mm I want to g-go.." I whisper, breaking the kiss feeling Martha staring at us in shock. His large palm cups the sides of my face as he nods. "Of course sweetheart. Ivan, start the car. We're leaving." His lips enclose around mine again, leaving Cecily dealing with Martha, meanwhile we get into the car and drive away.


I lean back in the backseat with Ivan climbing back into the backseat with me. I bite my bottom lip as his mouth attaches to my neck, trailing soft yet murderous kisses to my shoulder. "Ivan." I whisper moaning. This feels too good to be true. I tilt my head back giving him more access to attack my neck with his desirous tongue. A couple minutes go by, I untangle myself from his arms and slam our lips together, what can I say? I needed his lips on mine already. My legs push together, my right thigh over my left thigh squeezing my cat between them for dear life.


My pussy is practically throbbing at this point, pulsing for him, for Ivan, for Artem, for them. I need it, I need their cocks buried deep inside my aching trenches. I simply cannot wait any longer. I press my ache against his hardness in his pants, his bulge clearly standing straight up in his suit pants.


"Ivan please." I gasp as his hand smacks down on my right ass cheek.


"No." He says sternly. What the actual fuck!! He has me all worked up for what!? No sex!? What a dick!!


"But-" I couldn't even form my words.


"You aren't 18 Nadia, you're not legal. We can't." He has a point. but it shouldn't matter now. Nobody has to know.


"Ivan. Nobody has to know."


"Nadia. Not yet." Yet. He said yet. I need him, I need Artem. Ugh being here in America is as bad as I thought it would be but even worse.




"Nadia. Do not push this." My lips part, I look up at him.

"Fine." I press my lips into a firm line.


"Then at least let me help you. Please?" I ask sweetly as I cup his erection sticking straight up through his suit pants. He groans and quickly takes off his suit jacket, reaching down and unbuckling his pants pulling them down so I could see his cock standing straight up in his underwear. Fuck this man is huge, at least 10 inches. Holy fuck do I want that cock even more.


"Look what you've done to me Nadia, this problem is all your fault. And you are going to fix it." He spits out as he pulls his underwear down to where his pants are, right at his kneecaps. Yes sir, I'll fix your problem..  I look up at Ivan for permission to touch him. He nods and wraps his hands around my hair, keeping it behind my shoulders as I lean down pressing my lips to the tip.


"Fuck.." I hear him grumble underneath his breath as I suck on the tip teasing him.


"You better stop teasing me Nadia" I can tell he wasn't done finishing his sentence.


"You don't have any clue what you're getting yourself into as a kid." I look up at him, Ivan bucks his hips forcing his length further into my mouth. I close my eyes and press my hand onto his thigh gagging slightly. How could I not gag on this big of a dick. Look, I've had a fair share of big cocks in my life so far, but this beats every guy ever. I wonder how big Artem's is.


Let’s not get into that, let's focus on the moment for now, live in the moment, never outside of it. I dug my nails into his thigh gagging a little louder as he began using the grip he has on my hair moving me up and down forcefully. My eyes fill with tears as his cock hits the very back of my throat. A tear slips out of my eyelid, as he pushes me down further, I pat his thigh as I begin to literally choke on his dick. Maybe he's too big. Fuck he is. But I can take it. I'll make myself take the dick whether I can handle it or not. Challenge accepted


"Mmm.." I find him moaning, his cock slides in and out of my tight lips. I gradually sucked harder, pleased by the sounds he was making of approval. "Nadia.." He grumbles under his breath again. I feel my lips press against his sack, he quickly yanks my head up and off of his giant length. "Still want to test me, Nadia?" My response would've been no if I wasn't so used to being dominant.


"In fact. I do." I whisper, locking my gaze on his fuming eyes. They looked almost as if they were on fire, which I knew they were not obviously. His throat rumbles producing a cackle. That was no humorous laugh, that was a pure evil sounding laugh. Artem pulls into the driveway of our house, Cecily's house. I glance back down at his tip and see the precum gathered, waiting for me to lick it away and get the real load but Ivan says otherwise.


"Keep those gorgeous eyes on mine, Nadia." I shift my gaze from his shaft to his flamed-like eyes. They lit up with desire, most of all lust. I glance at his lips with his head enclosing mine. His lips got closer to mine, but he yanked my hair back causing me to pull my face away from his more. I whimper looking directly at his lips, licking mine slowly. He leaned in closer, but leaned back again. Artem watches us in amusement as he yanks my face forward, our lips brushing against each other faintly as he begins to speak. Could this damn man get any fucking hotter?

"You want me to kiss you? Don't you Nadia." He coos. Maybe just a little bit.


"Yes. Please kiss me."


"How bad do you want to kiss me baby?" Holy hot hell of Satan he called me baby Fuck yeah daddy, your baby!


"So bad. I need you to kiss me Ivan." My thick Russian accent slips making my words seem like you cannot understand what I just said. I reach down and trail my fingers up his stomach slowly to his nipples moaning.


"Please. Ivan-" His lips clasp onto mine, kissing me like there's no tomorrow. I slide my other hand to his shaft and gently clutch onto it moving my left hand quickly up and down. His lips linger on mine as his sounds of pleasure & approval flood my mouth with high vibrations. A gentle stabbing pain fills my core, I need a release. So bad!


"Ivan. I need it. mm. I need it." I trail off as our lips break apart, his assault continues on my neck in multiple spots. This sexy man already knew how to drive me crazy and it's his first time kissing me or laying a hand on my body in a sexual manner. I lean my head back gaining him more access to my neck. "You need what baby?"


"I n-nee.." I trail off once again, whining, and crying out as he bit down on a patch of skin that was very very sensitive.


"Hmm?" I close my eyes as his thumb swipes over the tears from gagging earlier. His other hand sinks into my curves, groaning at how perfect my body is shaped. He knows he wants it, He knows I want it.


"I want you." I croak out  jacking him off faster.


"Oh fuck Nadia. I'm gonna bust baby." I moan as our lips meet again, his shaft twitching in my palm. I stroked it faster, earning louder groans from him. I feel his stomach tighten, my hand rubs his V line biting my lower lip watching as his load squirts up into the air landing on my wrist and his V line. I giggle looking up at him, his eyes close with his head falling back onto the seat. I decide to lick his load off my wrist.


I leaned down, earning a shiver from him as I traced my wet tongue over his abs licking up every last drop of his cum. He opens his eyes and looks down at me as I take his shaft back inside my mouth, gently licking away all his leftover cum. "Mmmm." I moan pulling off with a loud popping sound. Then I sit back in the seat next to him normally like nothing just happened. I lick my lips and open the door as I see him pulling up his suit pants and underwear. I wipe the mess from my mouth walking back inside the mansion. Why the fuck did Martha come here?? How?? WHY!! I want to know before I end up killing her out of curiosity!









Chapter 8




I'm so tired, all that kissing shit that went down in the car with Ivan just wore me the hell out. My throat is sore as all hell too since I wasn't expecting his dinga-fucking-ling to be so damn big. I still am so upset about what happened with Kane, I wish I didn't come here at the time I did. That wouldn't have happened If I had waited or came earlier with Cecily. I just want to lay down and forget it ever happened. Jesus Christ Ivan's dick was so big, I practically choked on him. I need to get myself together. My mind is all over the place.


I just hope this doesn't affect anything in our so-called relationship. I don't know what I'm going to do about this situation. Being attracted to your step dads is altogether complicated as all hell. God they're so damn fine though. Too fine even for my own liking. I Nadia Mikhailova am officially in love with my step dads, well their bodies anyway,  not literally them. My god I'm not even 18 yet and I'm claiming I love them. I think someone should really check my vitals and see if I'm mental. Because I'm pretty sure I'm going insane.


"Nadia?" Artem knocks on the door, opening it. I look up from the TV at him. God he's getting even hotter each day that goes by.


"Cecily wants you downstairs for dinner." Ugh.


"I'm not hungry." That's a lie. I'm starving. I just don't want to see Ivan after he blew me off when we got home after I literally sucked him off in the damn car. I see you jackass!


"I can hear your stomach growling from here. Get your ass downstairs."


My stomach twists and churns in large knots sending me running to the bathroom. I hunch over the toilet suddenly emptying everything I ate last night and this morning. "Nadia? What's wrong?" Artem barges in the bathroom with a worried expression.


"Do you want me to get Cecily?"


"No. Please don't." I whimper falling onto my butt, flushing the toilet. He kneels beside me frowning, tucking hair behind my ear. "Are you sick or something sweetheart?"


I glance up at Artem frowning. "I was fine just a minute ago. It's just..." I whisper. "It's just what?"


"It just dawned on me all of the sudden."


"Do you need anything?"


"Water sounds good."


"I'll be right back." I nod, his lips pressing against my forehead before he walks away and out the door vanishing down the hall.


I curl in a ball, getting up slowly and brushing my teeth quickly. I cough walking back into my room, sitting on my bed and sprawling out all over the softness. I grab the covers and push them down, reaching over and turning on my fan as I start to sweat.


Artem comes back in with a glass of ice water, and Ivan beside him.


"What happened again?" Ivan asks, cocking his head to the side.


"She got sick out of nowhere."


"See baby? You probably got sick because you can't handle a grown man's cock and that much cum, now can you?" Ivan sarcastically says with a sly smirk planted across lips.


"You and I both know that's not why I got sick, asshole." I growl, leaning more into my bed. God did I miss this damn room, the bed especially.


"Do you think.." Artem begins but stops himself almost instantly.


"Do I think..what?" I ask out of curiosity. He looks down and sits on the bed next to me.


"Are you on birth control?" I look down shaking my head no.


"Were you on any type of birth control when you know who... uh.. you know.. did that to you...?" My body goes pale, my eyes widening in horror briefly, sweating even more like a damn pig, breathing heavily.


"No... I wasn't.." I choke out with my eyes filling quickly with a fresh coat of tears.


"Let's not make assumptions. Maybe you could just be sick." Ivan's right. I could just have caught a bug or something. This doesn't mean I'm pregnant.


"I don't want to have his kid.." I choke out again, covering my eyes with my palm, wiping my tears away slowly but surely.


"You don't know that sweetheart. Just relax for tonight. Let us know if we can help."


"And how would you be able to help Artem. You can't do anything."


"We can go fetch you a pregnancy test or two if you really want to find out. We can cook you anything, bring you anything, buy you anything." I pondered for a second, sighing deeply after I came to my own conclusion.


"Could you pick up a few pregnancy tests.." I mutter quietly. I'm surprised they even heard me.


"Of course. We'll be back in 10." I nod.


"Can I come with you?"


"Baby,  do you think you're in any condition to be walking around in public risking getting sick again?" Ivan's voice sounds almost like he's worried, like he actually cares for me taking me aback.


"Fine." I groan, slumping down in my bed sighing. Ivan leans in and kisses my cheek, he stops right at my lips.

"Did you brush your teeth?" He licks his lips. I nod quickly. He cups my cheek and leans down pressing our lips together causing me to moan a bit louder then I expected to. His lips feel like heaven against mine. "See you in a little bit."


Artem laughs a bit cascading with Ivan out the door and down the hallway disappearing. They won't be gone for that long, I won't be alone for that long at all thank god. I don't trust myself alone sometimes. I do stupid shit and even I can't stop myself. I try so hard, but at the end of the day my body and my brain are enemies to each other.


"Fuck what am I going to do."  What if I'm actually pregnant?? What the fuck am I going to do!? I can't raise a child on my own, I'll need someone to help me. I know I'm not cabable of fading a child by myself because I can barely fucking look after myself. My eyes started to droop, shutting on me quicker than I thought, forcing me to go to sleep almost instantly.




Walking into her room hearing her snore softly, Ivan sits the three boxes of pregnancy tests on her nightstand and kisses her forehead.

"Night little on." She furrows her brows and digs her head more into the bed in response.


"Do you think she wants us to stay?"

I honestly do. I want to stay with her to make sure she's okay, I don't trust her by herself. No one apparently does.


"We should stay with her."


"Just for tonight.." I mumble sliding under the covers with her, shutting the lamp off. She sucks in a sharp breath and opens her eyes faintly before shutting them again. "Go back to sleep Nadia." She nods in agreement, resting her head on Ivan’s armpit with his arm around her. She throws her leg over his and wraps her arm over his chest causing him to release a deep laugh.


"Goodnight, angel."


"Night." She sighs, falling back asleep with a sly grin on her delicate lips. I look at her body as it stays still in my brother's arms. I lick my lips and lean in kissing her forehead and resting my hand on her thigh kneading it just to drive her crazy. When I do this to women they always get wetter than the damn ocean.


I know how to make women squirt too, Ivan can too if he tries. It's safe to say we're very special men who can satisfy you in ways other men cannot simply do at all. "Mmm.." Oh I'm sure she's having a wet dream right about now, won't hand is giving her enough pleasure to get off on the thought. She whines and grinds her hips slightly against my wrist, I decide to trail my hand up towards her pussy gently trailing my fingers over her sweatpants causing her to jerk, biting her lip. I laugh softly, placing my hand on her lower stomach, rubbing small circles comforting her. When I do this to women who just had the most powerful orgasm in their life it usually calms them down in a snap. I'm just very good at what I do I guess, and I know how to use my hands for proper things. Nadia is going to find out those "proper" things soon enough. Nadia began to snore again, resting her free hand on top of my wrist. Mission Accomplished.






I flutter my eyes open, groaning at the loss of contact from two men I slept so well next to. Ugh, come back already. I lean up and see Artem standing there in just a towel, his entire body showing. Oh god. Oh my god- He's so fucking hot- stop it- Ugh my panties are RUINED!!

"Good morning babygirl." He chuckles manically, wiping a delicious smirk onto his rough fuck boy-like lips just waiting to be devoured by my lips.


"What're you doing?" I whisper as he adjusts the towel around his hips. Just drop the towel already daddy. Please? Do it for me.


"I just got out of the shower what does it look like I'm doing?" There's that attitude again. I groan, rolling my eyes.


"Tsk Tsk Tsk... keep rolling your eyes and I'll bend your pretty little ass over my knee and mark that fucking cute little bottom with my hand print. I don't care how sick you are Nadia. Better believe me." I stifled a moan I was trying to hide, but it came out anyway by accident.


"Well well, I think you like the idea of being punished, baby. Aren't you a bad girl after all." He coos brushing his finger against my cheek sliding towards my lips, then slipping them between my lips. Usually I wouldn't let a man be this dominant with me. But I can make a little exception to them. ONLY them.


He swings his leg over mine, straddling me. He pushes me back down against the bed. "My Dick is even bigger than Ivan's sweetheart, so if you want it you better start getting ready for it." He says making me Gush immediately


"Are you going to fuck me?" I asked a little too desperately as he removed his figures.


"Nope." He pops the P. I growl and try to lean up but he keeps me down.


"You asshole."


"Let me finish. Jesus fuck, you impatient sexy little kitten." He trails off. I rolled immediately, But looking at him just making his Jaw clench made me apologize without him even having to tell me to.


"I'm sorry." I whisper.


"Sorry what?"


"Sorry... d...daddy.." I whimper out.


"That's more like it." Oh god please just fuck me already. I need it. So bad.


“ Artem kiss me." I groan, pleading with him almost like begging him.


"Oh but Nadia... I fucking love teasing you." Artem gets up and makes his way down the hall to their room.


He soon comes back with Ivan, both completely dressed.

My god kill me now. Artem lifts his shirt on purpose to wipe away literally nothing on his fucking face, flashing me his perfect tattoos and V line. I sigh and look away quickly to contain the ache between my thighs. My eyes land on the three pink boxes piled on top of each other on my dresser, a diet coke, my favorite, and gummy bears sitting next to them. I sigh realizing the boxes are the pregnancy tests I requested last night. I lean up and grab my phone off my dresser before Ivan and Artem sit down on the bed.


Rubbing my eyes I adjust the lighting on my phone checking the time. It's 1 in the afternoon. Fuuuck. How long did I sleep for?? I plop back down in bed after realizing how dizzy I just got out of nowhere. "You okay?"


"Mhm. Why."


"We're just checking Nadia." There goes Ivan and his damn ego. I cross my arms over my chest staring up at the ceiling. "Are you going to stay with me if I take them." I ask not even looking at them scared they're going to say no.


"Of course." Ivan pats my leg softly, then massaging it causing me to sink into the bed even more if possible. Here goes nothing I guess...


Chapter 9




I sniffled hard as tears fell, and I  opened the door for them to come in. I sat on the counter waiting until my timer went off. Releasing a shaky breath as I see 30 seconds is left. "You're fine Nadia. Either way you're going to be fine."


"I'm fucking 17 Artem. Keep in mind I did NOT consent to that." I growl loudly.


"I know." He mutters looking down with his face filled with empathy. I roll my eyes pulling my leg up on the counter as my timer goes off.


"I don't want to look at them."


"You want us to?"


"Only if you're fine with it." I mumble sliding off the counter. I pull up my pants slightly since I'm not wearing a belt and these sweatpants tend to slide down. I pull my shirt down feeling more self conscious all of the sudden.


"Come here." Ivan frowns, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly. I breathe in and out slowly, like my dad taught me when I would have panic attacks. It helps actually. "You ready?" I nod slowly, digging my head into the crook of Ivan's neck sighing. Artem flips over one of the tests and reads it out loud.


"Two lines is positive and one line is negative right?"


"Yes." I whimper, clutching onto Ivan's shoulder.


"Well then this one is positive. Angel these could be false positives you never know." I shiver a little in Ivan's arms.


"What do the other two say?"


"They're both positive."


"Are you sure??"


"The lines are crystal clear to see sweetheart, I'm sure." He responds sadly. I  immediately broke down crying in Ivan's arms, I sob as hard as I could, shaking, my anxiety washing over me. They both tried to calm me down but I protested. Nothing would work this time. The pain was too much.


~Artem’s Pov~


Watching her cry and scream like that was terrible. A part of me wants to hold her and tell her everything's going to be okay. And the other is telling me to leave Nadia alone. She's underage. She doesn't deserve you. I want to listen to the first one, not the second. But the second is the right option. It's cocky, but the right choice for me,  for Ivan. Ivan places the tests into a plastic baggy and puts them in her nightstand drawer. Her eyes are beat red, her lips are swollen bright red, her face is pale, dry tear stains, and  Ivan and I have soaking wet shirts from her crying into them.


But, we didn't mind at all. I wish this wasn't happening to her. She's underaged and pregnant, not to mention the pregnancy was caused by her rapist, her worst fear. Kane. Mark my words that bitch is dead. When I get my hands on him, fucking hell he will get NO mercy. Not from either one of us. I look at Nadia as she watches Criminal Minds, with a fresh coat of tears stinging through the threshold. She looks over at a picture standing up on her dresser. It's a picture of her and Cranos, her father. A small tear slips out and flies down her cheek. "Pochemu ty brosil menya, papa ... pochemu? ya ochen' po tebe skuchayu.." (Why'd you have to leave me dad.. why? I miss you so much)


She speaks in Russian, what the hell did she just say? "Baby?" I cock my head to the side. "What?" She asks in the most angelic voice I've ever heard. Even with her accent it sounded like she was a literal angel. I couldn’t get enough. Sometimes her accent can fade and come right back, I don't know if she's trying to hide it on purpose, but if so, she's doing a great job.


"Are you okay now?" I ask. She shrugs her shoulders. "It's still sinking in." She whispers, staring up at the large TV on her wall. Fuck that things like a damn 100 inch. God damn.


"You want to watch a movie?" Ivan asks, but she doesn't say anything at first.


"If you want to."


"What do you want to watch?" She shrugs. Well that's not very helpful.


One Hour Later


Halfway through the movie and Nadia is snoring her little ass off, her head rests on my stomach with her legs across Ivan's lap. Is it just me or is she incredibly hot when she's sleeping. It hurts to see her cry, it really does. I know she feels like she's going to be alone this entire pregnancy. She's going to have to raise that child alone. We're stopping all sexual activity with her until she's 18. It's the right thing to do. She's technically still a kid, it's wrong to get her hopes up with being with us.


When she's 18 we'll tell her that we'll stay with her and help her raise the kid. I don't care that it's Kane's child. I will raise him or her on my own like it's my own child. I'll be here for Nadia even when she doesn't want me here. When I was driving of course I was staring at her lips around my brother's raging hard cock, how could I not look at that sexy little minx deep throating a guy. Even if that guy happens to be my asshole brother. I'm still hard from that turn of events, But at the same time I don't understand why Martha showed up.


We loved Martha in high school, it was true love at the time, but when we got married the cheating started. We were nothing but loyal to her, and now here we are catching forbidden fucking feelings for her biological daughter. Nadia may be a handful but I'm more than willing to keep her in check.


We never divorced Martha because we felt bad that she had shit wrong with her. We confronted her about the cheating, all she did was protest and never came clean to us. Martha was our wife at a point in life. She loved us too. When she started cheating was when the sex just got worse. She couldn't perform well since she was fucking 800 guys a day.


We even tried therapy, we tried to get her to go with us. She did, but halfway through it she walked right out claiming he was asking too many questions. I'm sure she fucked the therapist too. I wouldn't doubt it. "I know what would cheer her up." Ivan speaks up with a small smile on his lips.


"And what's that?"


"How about we get her a puppy. Women love their dogs." I suppose that might make her happier.


"What breed though?"


"A small fluffy fluffy one. Like a chow chow." I think that's perfect actually. A little animal to cuddle with. It'd be cute seeing her and a puppy cuddling.


"Better start looking for one." I chuckle. Ivan pulls his phone out and looks up Chow Chows in the area. About an hour later he gets up.


"I'm going to head to the animal rescue center and pick him up."


"You found one?"


"Yeah. Pretty expensive so you know it's a smart lil guy." I chuckle and nod, raking my fingers through her hair.


Soon Ivan is out the front door shutting fully behind him. Well. That just came out of nowhere. We're getting a fluffy animal for Nadia. Does she even like dogs?? Well shit. We should've thought about that first and asked her without giving it away we're getting her a cute golden fluffy pillow-like animal.




I groan stirring around in Artem's lap, my head brushing against his baggage on accident. "Baby Girl what're you doing?" Artem asks, clenching his thighs tightly together. I shrug and place my palm on his bulge giggling to myself. "Baby. You're going to get me in trouble." He smirks.


"Then let's get in trouble daddy."


"Nadia." He sighs as I pull up straddling him.


"You know you want it." I whisper.


"Just wait till you're 18 sexy.. I promise you'll get as much of this cock as you want."


"But that's like in a month!" I whine, stuffing my head into his neck.


"Baby. A month will go by like that." He snaps his fingers producing a heavy throaty laugh. I pull away and look at his face.