Mayhem by Ruby Carter



Last Year…

Doyour worst you limp dick fucker! You tried taking me away from my friends and family, but you will not push me down anymore.” I scream out of my car window, shooting bloody daggers at the waste of space of a man I gave so much of my time to.

His whole face changes into some kind of gargoyle. I recognise that look, it’s the same look I’ve seen over the years before he explodes but for the first time, I’m going to be long gone from it and the outbursts to the, ‘I’m sorry’s, I didn’t mean too’s’ and ‘I’ll change,’ the same old spiel.

“Lizzie. Did you hear what I said? I said you aren’t getting away from me, wherever you go I willfind you. Make no mistake about it, I. Will. Find. You.” Marlon threatens me with pure venom dripping from his mouth as he stands at the doorstep of our rented house. I put my Ford Fiesta into reverse and gun it, letting the gravel on the driveway fling, fly, and bounce perfectly onto his precious black Peugeot. Ha.

“Take that you stupid fuck. I hope your car now has dents in it.”

Closing the window on the passenger side of my car, I slam back into gear and stomp my foot down on the throttle, just as I see the rage flare into those black beady eyes. I get the fuck out of this, ‘nice neighbourhood,’ that I always despised. Why he chose this place, I have no idea. It was always out of our price range, thank God, we hadn’t bought the property otherwise I would have been in the shit. Maybe my subconscious knew to not put all my life savings in it. Clocking that stupid gnome at the end of the drive, I put my foot down and knock and run over that stupid thing, that has a creepy looking smile on its face. I always hated that flaming thing.

Why you would buy that for their partner as a Christmas present, is beyond me.

Turning the corner out of the cul-de-sac, I barely look left and right before I pull out into the traffic. I don’t check the rear-view mirror to see if he’s following. He wouldn’t dare, he reckons he can get better than my overweight ass, and he does want better than me. He loved telling me his ex-Bex sucked him off better than I ever did.

Yeah well, she would, daddy dearest bought her a horse, so she got better practice with that beast’s dick, than his skinny one.

I can’t help snorting out my laugh just as an escape tear runs down my cheek, flinching out as I swipe at it from the sting. I check the roads, being past ten o’clock at night, they are fairly clear. I double-click the media button on my steering wheel for my iPod and the first song that comes on is Lilly Allen, singing about her boyfriend not performing in the bedroom. Which sends me bursting out into fits of laughter; my genuine laugh, the one I was told sounded like a smoking witch. Oh, God, it does feel so freeing and liberating. Like I can actually claw myself back from the brink of that cliff edge that I’ve been clinging onto for dear life, since he pushed me to for the last five years of my life. I’ve decided I’m not going to my Mums; I won’t put her in that situation, she’s retiring soon and doesn’t need me stressing and worrying her. I know exactly where I’m headed, I’ve had it set up for months, I just needed to wait him out and wait for my acceptance on the property to come through. Even though my Uni friend said the primary school job is perfect fit for what I need for right now, whether I stay for the long term is another thing to be seen. Either way, putting distance between me, and Marlon is a definite must, that’s for sure. I decide to ring my Mum on the way out of Coventry my hometown, so she couldn’t talk me out what I was doing. Merging onto M40, I press the call button on my steering wheel, disrupting Florence and The Machine – Dog Days Are Over. The dialling tone ringing out, surrounding the car as I carry on my drive, finally my mums warm voice comes through the speakers of the car.

“Lizzie, you okay love?” she asks with her north-eastern twang, that even after thirty years of living down in Coventry, she still has it. It’s barely noticeable to me and my sister, but everyone else calls her a Geordie; as she’s from County Durham.

“Mum… I’m leaving Cov,” I blurt out.

There I said it, it’s out in the open.

Deathly silence greets me as I wait for her to respond, I watch the next lane as I come up to the next junction.

“Mum are you still there?” I ask with eagerness, hoping that she’s not upset with me.

“What’s happened? Are you hurt? You don’t have to leave your home because of him, you know that don’t you?” she informs me with urgency.

“I know that Mum, I’m fine… well I will be, I know it. We had a huge row… and…”

“What did he do this time sweetheart?”

“Mum it doesn’t matter anymore…”

“Of course, it does Lizzie. Tell me or I’ll call the police myself.”

“He… umm… dragged me by my hair from the living room into the kitchen because his dinner wasn’t what he wanted. As soon as I was free of his hold though, I elbowed him in his tiny dick, got in my already packed car and got the hell out of there.”

I glance at myself in the rear-view mirror briefly, just glad she can’t see the rest of that story painted so clearly on my face. Yeah, the busted eyebrow, lip, and swollen cheekbone that all needs ice before it looks any worse than it does. Once I get into my new home, I’ll get myself sorted and stop the swelling.

Home, God, I hope so…

“Oh god sweetheart,” she blubs over the phone, bringing me back to the conversation trying to calm her wobbling voice. It’s not very often I see or hear her cry and every single time I do; it absolutely guts me and my sister right to the core.

She carries on, “Please tell me where you’re going at least, and you will call once you’re there, I just want you to be safe. It doesn’t matter that you’re nearly thirty, you’ll always be my baby.”

I swipe away my free-falling tears as I try to make sense of the road signs, I swallow around the lump in my throat to reply.

“I’ve had all this planned for months Mum, well I stayed in contact with my friend since Uni; you know Alessa? Well, she told me about an opening at the primary school she works at, I had a virtual interview. They loved me, offered me the job straight away and wanted me to start as soon as I could.”

“Lizzie, I am so proud of you, I… I just can’t believe you are finally free of that… C. U. Next. Tuesday. Please drive safely, let me know when you get there and remember I love you, never forget that okay?”

I try not snort at the fact my mum spelt out cunt like that, she hates swearing, bless her.

“Yes mum. I promise I’ll call you when I get settled. Please don’t worry Charley with this, she has enough going on with the kids.” I say as I take junction 7 towards Gatwick Airport.

“Okay, but if she asks, I won’t lie to your sister, at least tell me where you are going so, I know where you will be sweetheart?” she asks softly, concern and emotion still thickly coating her voice.

As I drive down junction 7, the inky cloak of darkness being a blank canvas of my future, lays out in front ready just for me. Taking a deep breath, I tell her where I’m headed.

“It’s nearly three hours’ drive, but its Eastford Mum. Eastford is my fresh start.”