The Watcher by Renee Williams



My body tensed as I subconsciously began to sense danger. Danger had a certain feel to it – sharp, intense, and cautious. It made the hair on the back of my neck raise. It caused me to check my surroundings before I decided to step one foot forward.

It was a powerful emotion for those of us who lived this life daily. It was hard to explain unless you’ve been around it long enough. Like, right now, my senses were blaring. They were screaming at me that a predator had breached my home.

I ensured my family stayed safe when I wasn’t around, so where were all the guards? Something was wrong.

My heart pounded fast inside my chest. Danger shifted the atmosphere. This feeling had me gazing intently at everything around me, checking for the unknown threat.

Someone had fucked up royally.

I felt it deep within me. It was one of those things they said a person just knew. I was getting one of those feeling. And I never doubted my instincts. My instincts kept me alive.

I cocked my head to the side.


It was what registered for me first. Nature was never quiet unless there was danger- a bigger predator in their midst. For an animal, nothing was more dangerous than man.

My adrenaline soared. I instinctually reached for my gun, which was always part of my wardrobe. The life me and my family lived ensured I was always ready for something to happen. Preparation meant survival in my business. It would never do to be caught unawares.

My pulse beat heavily under my skin as my gaze cautiously searched every aspect of my property. I tightened my grip on the Glock braced in front of me.

Shit. This wasn’t right. Security should have been stationed all around the perimeter of my house. There was no way I would leave Lilliana and Rose unprotected. Something wasn’t adding up.

Touching my family was like touching me and that was dangerous to any person who dared to cross me and mine. My rage skyrocketed. I knew without having to go any further. It was too late. Someone had already touched something of mine. I didn’t have time to pull up my computer to see inside the house. Someone was going to pay. I didn’t know who the fuck it was, but there was no way I would leave anyone unscathed if they had dared touch a hair on my wife or daughter’s head.

I quickly pulled out my phone and sent out a group text to my family. I didn’t plan on waiting for them, I was going to need backup because I was going to go in. I needed someone to know what was going on if something were to happen to me.

Me: Something is wrong

Sacha: On my way

Michail: five minutes

My family’s responses started vibrating through my phone as I placed it back in my pocket. That was just who we were. If you dared to cross one of us, you were going to feel the wrath from every member of my family. We were bringing the heat and fucking up every single person in the way of whoever we were gunning for. If you got in the way, you could catch the same fire we were bringing to our enemies. It also meant you were now our enemy too.

I had to make sure that my family was fine. I moved forward with the barrel of my gun leading the way.

I gripped my Glock, stalking through the garage door, which led directly into our kitchen. Surveying everything, I let my gun enter the kitchen before I did. I wasn’t sure if someone was there, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Blood. It was the first thing I noticed once I made my way into room. Annika’s lifeless body was on the floor. I reached down and touched her. She was still warm, meaning whoever had killed her had only left a little bit ago.

She had been shot point blank in her forehead. She still had food cooking on the stove even though it was now burning. I walked over turning the food off.

Where was the guard who should have been in the kitchen?

Slowly, I inched further into my house, acutely aware someone could still be here. Sweeping my gun in an arc to protect myself, I turned the corner and noticed the first guard dead with one shot in the back of his head. He must have been making his rounds and was caught off guard before he could do anything.

It took everything inside of me to remain calm and not run through my house without ensuring all was clear.

Picking up my pace, I used the wall as protection and walked into the living room. There was another guard dead on the floor with a bullet wound to his head too. Whoever killed them had to be a marksman because they had not missed one of my men yet. They hadn’t even gotten the opportunity to use their weapons.

This was a professional hit.

My eyes landed on another guard who was down by the door. These bastards weren’t playing. They wanted everyone dead.

A noise behind me made me turn. Raising my gun, I pointed it toward the kitchen where the noise originated.

“It’s just us,” Sacha said, coming into the living room where I was standing with his own gun positioned in front of him.

“Have you been upstairs yet?” he asked pointing toward the stairs.

“No, I’m on my way up there now?”

He gazed at me thoughtfully. “On our way in, we noticed a few of your grounds guards were dead. Some of them put up a fight, but they were overpowered. There a few unknown men dead in your backyard. We’ll be able to trace them to determine who came into your home. Do you want me to go check upstairs?” he asked solemnly.

I knew why he was asking. If no men were here, didn’t it mean my family was dead too?

My heart started beating faster in my chest.

My wife?

My baby girl?

Were they gone too?

“No, I didn’t know why I was hesitating. I should have gone upstairs as soon as I saw Annika’s body on the kitchen floor, but I was avoiding the inevitable.

“I’ll go with you,” Michail said. He had been standing quietly the entire time Sacha and I had been speaking.

I inhaled deeply, briefly closing my eyes. Had I deliberately waited on my twin before climbing the stairs?

Shit, I didn’t know. I just knew my hands felt clammy, and I felt like I wanted to throw up.

I nodded my head in agreement. Now that the decision had been made, both of us ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. It was like now that I had made a decision to see what was going on with my family; I needed to get it over with.

The first thing I did was walk into my baby girl’s bedroom. I glanced inside her crib, but she wasn’t in there. Relief washed over me. However, it was short-lived.  

I slowly turned around and walked toward my bedroom, knowing she must have been in the bedroom with Lilliana.

Michail blocked the door, preventing me from entering. His eyes had a slightly blurry tinge, which had my own eyes about to become blurry. I immediately started shaking my head in denial.

“You don’t have to go in there,” he told me, holding his hands against my chest, preventing me from moving any further.

I pushed him out the way and walked into the bedroom that Lilliana and I had shared for two years. My eyes blurred as I looked at Lilliana laying in the bed with Rose laying across her chest. They looked like they had been sleeping if it weren’t for the bullet wounds between both of their eyes.

They had been vulnerable. It was my responsibility to keep them safe.

I failed them.

Michail stood beside me. He squeezed my shoulder, trying to offer comfort, which would never be possible. There was nothing he could say or do to help me.

“We’re going to kill them. You know that, right?” he asked, like there was any other option.

I shrugged as hand off me as I reached over and covered both of them with the cover from the bed. I couldn’t look at them like that. They were both innocent in whatever war we had brewing in my family. Women and children were the innocent ones. When you went after them, you were asking for your whole lineage to be wiped off the face of the fucking Earth.

Sacha strolled into the room. He didn’t say anything as he noticed my stoic expression. He walked over to the bed and lifted the sheets from their bodies. He gazed at both of them for a few seconds. He clenched his jaw. Then, he covered them back up.

“We’ll mourn the dead later. It’s time to fuck up their whole world. Go do your thing. Find out who those dead bastards were working for. Let’s take the war to them. They may have thrown down the gauntlet, but we’re snatching the bitch back up. I hope they’re ready because all of them bitches are about to bleed,” Sacha said, looking down at my family.

“Don’t worry. I plan on finding them all. When I do, they’ll wish like hell they had fucked with a different family. Everybody always questioned how far we are willing to go for our family. They’ll learn we’re willing to take this shit all the way to their damn graves. I want all of them dead,” I told my family as everyone silently stood beside me gazing at the lives we had lost today.

“That’s the plan, brother. Bitches are going to remember our names when this shit is over,” Michail, replied, grabbing me, and holding me for a second.

Once he released me, I stared at the covered bodies of my wife and daughter for a minute longer. “I promise. No one will remain standing. I put that shit on both of your names. I love you.”

I nodded my head, turned around, and walked out my house for the last time. There was no way I would ever live there again. I would never be able to find any peace, but whoever did this would never be able to find any peace either.

If I couldn’t have my family, they couldn’t have theirs either. 

I needed to get a hold of my feelings. We didn’t have time for it. I needed to run every man’s face through my facial recognition program along with their fingerprints. I didn’t care who hired them. I would find them. Once I did, there would be no peace until their blood flowed like a river.