The Fixer by N Gray


It took little to hear my name being called. Those in peril need only whisper ‘Fixer’ and I’d hear them. Then I’d snap my fingers and follow the directions to their location.

“Fixer,” she called again, more despondent. She’s a young woman, alone, and desperately needed my help.

I exhaled and stood up.

“Wait, Fixer, you can’t go yet,” Jack groaned, blood and spittle looped across his teeth and down his broken jaw. “You didn’t do what you said you would,” Jack continued in that painful, monotonous tone.

“Jack, I’ve been lenient with you. It’s time to collect.” I rolled my shirt sleeves to my elbows. “If you can’t hold your end of the bargain, then you know what’s going to happen.”

Jack whimpered, pushed himself onto his elbows and dragged his body toward the exit, leaving a bloody trail behind him.

“I didn’t say you could go,” I said sinisterly and closed the gap.

I reached for Jack’s shoulder and belt, and in one swift motion, I threw him across the floor. He skidded, slamming into the far wall with a loud groan and a fresh head wound.

“Please, Fixer, my family—”

“You should’ve thought of them before asking for my help,” I said, stalking Jack.

He cried. The wounds from his forehead, cheek and arms seeping blood, pooling beneath him.

I rarely revealed my true features for fear of hurting, or worse, killing humans. Humans were such fragile creatures, so easily disturbed and pathetic. Few survived the mental break, while others resorted to killing themselves. Only to join my family and fellow demons in the Underworld.

“No, no, no…,” Jack continued, his lips swollen. “Please—”

I couldn’t wait for him to finish his pathetic sentence. I had enough. The world slowed down. My hands morphed into large, dark claws with sharp, metallic fingernails. My body grew double in size as I watched Jack’s eyes slowly widen.

My face darkened into my demonic features—a face only a mother would love—and my horns extended out of my forehead. My black wings expanded behind me and I rolled my shoulders, stretching my neck.

The world picked up speed until the air swirled around us normally.

“No, Fixer, please.”

The stench of urine wafted in the air, along with rotten eggs. I narrowed my eyes at his pants, which had darkened near the crotch area.

“Please…” he continued his plea.

“I gave you three chances, Jack. Three!” I shouted. “If anyone found out, they’d stop being afraid. I can’t have that.”

I lunged at him, gripped him by the shoulders, and yanked him off the floor. I dug my fingernails into his soft flesh until I struck the wall behind him. His screams were music to my ears. His blood fueled my hunger, and I lapped it up hungrily.

I sliced through his meat with my talons, cut through his chest bones, the sound echoing in the cavernous room, and reached for his beating heart.

Jack’s eyes rolled back when I squeezed the organ in my hand. The natural pump struggled to beat in my grasp.

Jack’s jaw slackened and his last breath escaped his chapped lips.

His dark soul screamed out of his body and I sucked that in. My eyes glowed brightly, like they did every time I fed on souls. The darker the better. My skin tingled and a low growl of satisfaction escaped my lips.

I dropped Jack’s limp body, watching it crumple to the floor.

“Maddox!” someone yelled outside, followed by a door blown off its hinges.

That was my cue to escape and follow the moans of the distressed female.