Adam by Brandy Munroe



Seven years ago

I sat at the bar, waiting for the remaining three members of the band. I’d often arrive early at the club where we performed and scrutinized the audience. Plus, it gave me the time to suck back a couple of drinks before the show.

I come off as an arrogant asshole, aloof and uncaring about the people around me. The truth was I had dissociative tendencies. In layman’s terms, I was an introvert. Which was hilarious considering I was the lead singer of a rock band.

I was the frontman. The charismatic singer who people connected with through the words in my songs. It was easier to let them believe I didn’t give a shit instead of knowing I was scared shitless to stand in front of everyone and perform.

A couple of drinks in, I saw her enter the establishment. Her face lit up when she approached a table of women dressed in hospital scrubs. Laughter ensued while the women high-fived each other in jubilation.

Then everything happened in slow motion.

The goddess pulled on the elastic that held her hair in a tight ponytail. She shook her head from side to side, then ran her hand through the long, dark strands to smooth it out, the way models did in music videos. I sipped my Jack and Coke as I watched her run a bright red lipstick across her full bottom lip before smacking them, coating the top one. My dick hardened, thinking about that gorgeous mouth, the color of ripe cherries, wrapped around it.

She smiled, and my heart stopped in my chest. This five-foot-nothing woman knew how to command a room. The unflattering garment did nothing to hide her tempting curves. Her hips swayed with each step as she made her way in my direction.

“Thanks, Margo,” she addressed the bartender as she reached for a tray of shots. She hadn’t ordered. The tray had miraculously appeared.

I slapped a fifty-dollar bill on the top of the bar. A fifty I couldn’t afford to pay. I’d worry tomorrow about how I was going to afford groceries. Because tonight, my goal was to impress the girl.

“My treat,” I drawl seductively. It was amazing how a few drinks could take a person from a hermit to a social butterfly.

She turned to face me, and heat flared in her whiskey-colored eyes.

She slapped her hand on the bill before the bartender could scoop it up.

“Run a tab, will you, Margo?” Her silky voice dripped with annoyance.

She stepped into my personal space and shoved the bill in the right front pocket of my jeans, grazing my dick as she pulled her hand away.

“Well, I was going to suggest you were showing off to make up for other deficiencies,” she lowered her eyes to my crotch, “but it looks like I might have misjudged you.” She winked and walked back to the table with the tray of shots.

“You’re going to have to do better than to offer Nicole a drink,” Margo, the bartender, laughed. “Nicole and her girls are here to celebrate a promotion. Which doesn’t often happen at the convent,” Margo added.

“Wait, that woman is a nun?” Holy hell, if I knew nuns looked like that, I would have paid better attention in church growing up.

Margo drew her brows together. “Those women are nurses for the hospice run by the nuns, you idiot.” She blew out an exasperated breath and walked away to serve other customers.

A smirk crossed my lips as I willed my dick to behave. Going on stage with a hard-on was not an option. I was going to have a hard enough time concentrating with the gorgeous creature sitting in the audience.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” The younger Dogger brother, Maddox, asked as he caught me adjusting my crotch. It was about time the rest of the band showed up. I checked my watch. We had fifteen minutes to set up before showtime.

I nodded in the direction of my dream girl.

“Fuck me,” Theo cursed and whistled under his breath.

“I wonder if the naughty nurse would be interested in a brother sandwich,” Baden, the older Dogger brother, remarked.

“Back the fuck off,” I snarled at Baden’s sudden interest.

“Wow, so it’s like that,” Theo asked with a hint of concern in his delivery. He had every right to be concerned. I’d never taken an interest in the perks of being the frontman for a rock band. I didn’t have gratuitous sex with the groupies who came to our shows.

I didn’t judge the Dogger brothers for their healthy sexual appetite. However, it wasn’t how I wanted to live my life.

“Okay, so the hot brunette is off-limits.” Maddox licked his lips and rubbed his hand together. “That leaves her four friends for the rest of us.”

“Tag team.” Maddox and Baden high-fived each other while Theo shook his head at their juvenile behavior.

“As long as you don’t have any notion of approaching Nicole,” I warned the brothers. Yeah, I remembered her name when the bartender said it.

I finished my drink and nodded towards Nicole’s table. “I’m going to marry that woman one day.”

It was time to hit the stage.

Every song, every note, I directed at the stunning brunette. By the end of our set, she wouldn’t know what hit her. I was going to rock her world.

Little did I know that she was the one who was going to rock mine.