Lady Luck and the Lyon by Chasity Bowlin


Garrick Bancroft, Viscount Lynley, is in dire need of both a wife and a fortune. He thought he’d found the perfect woman to fulfill both very nicely. But just days before they were to marry, she fled to Scotland in the arms of her younger brother’s tutor. Left high and dry, there’s only one option—Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon, London’s most notorious matchmaker. With desperation as his constant companion, Garrick informs her that any young lady will do… so long as she has the appropriately accompanying fortune.

Miss Ellis Lockhart is in a terrible situation. Embarking on her fourth season with not a prospect in sight, her sisters are beginning to turn on her. Her infamously tightfisted father has refused to have more than one daughter launched in society at any given time. Until she makes a match, her sisters must hover in the background—waiting as spinsterhood looms over them all. Out of desperation, she reaches out to Mrs. Dove-Lyon and begs for her assistance… anyone will do, so long as he is a gentleman of rank.

But when Mrs. Dove-Lyon pairs the two of them, they left out one very important fact. They hate one another. But the season is nearly on them. If she waits any longer, it will be too late to procure a proper wardrobe for her next youngest sister and will mean waiting another year before she can go into society, something she will never forgive her for.

So with great trepidation, they both agree to a hasty wedding by special license. But as they navigate their new marriage, one terrible event after another forces them to rely on one another, to put aside their habitual animosity and actually see the other for their own worth.