Lily’s Shadow by Marissa Ann


Chapter 1



Oh My God! I can’t believe Austin just called me his fiancee! Then he put his arm around me. I must be dreaming. Who the fuck is this bitch? I watch out the front window as she pulls out her cell phone. I think she must be calling for a ride. When she puts the phone up to her ear, I notice one of the neighborhood strays that we sneak food out to, walk up and sniff her feet.

I don’t even try to hold back my grin when he lifts his leg, but when he pisses on her fancy boots I lose control and start laughing hysterically. A few of the people in the room saw it happen and laughed with me but Austin must have missed it because he is giving me a strange look.

One of the motorcycle club members comments that he is going to feed that dog a steak. I’m not sure which one he is, I don’t really associate with them often. They are Fiona’s friends and family. Even though she is my bff, and I hold no bad feelings for them, I’m not about that lifestyle. I just want to do my job as a tattoo artist.


As soon as the laughter dies down the room starts to clear out. The drama seems to be over for now.  I can see that Austin wants to say something but I put my hand over his mouth.

“Explanations can wait. I need a shower. Meet me back out here in twenty, then I have an hour before the shop opens.”

He quickly agrees and we part ways. When I get to the locker room I notice that I have it all to myself. I turn up the water to let it warm while I seek out towels and grab my gym bag. I have to hurry, I can already feel my muscles starting to tighten up from my class.

Standing under the hot stream, I lean my head back and close my eyes. Oh God, Austin Montgomery called me his fiance. I just can’t get over the thrill running through my body at those words. Thinking about him makes me feel needy. Grabbing my bar of soap, I run it down my sides, feeling the tight muscles of my abdomen but I don’t stop there.

Working towards my aching pussy, I intentionally drop the soap. I slip my sudsy hands between my thighs. Immediately finding my clit, I rub myself gently at first.

I imagine Austin on his knees in front of me worshipping my body, his green eyes, searing into my soul. I pretend my fingers are his, strong yet flexible digits stroking my most sensitive spot.  I start rubbing harder, feeling my release close in on me.

I’m almost there. The lights are flickering in the corner of my eyes. My moans are so loud they are echoing back to me from the shower walls. I’m about to implode when a sudden noise catches all my attention. Shit! Someone is knocking on the door. I quickly rinse and grab my things, running for the lockers to get dressed.

I don’t even bother with trying to dry my hair. Shoving everything back into my bag I leave the locker room. When I step out the door to my utter horror, Austin is there leaning against the wall staring up at the ceiling. I take just a moment to admire his tall muscular frame, until I remember what he just interrupted.

“I ummm have to go.” I blurt out

“I thought the shop didn’t open for a bit. Can we talk, please?”

“Oh yeah sorry. Wanna walk with me?”

He looks down at his watch. “I don’t have much time either but I can walk you to Poison Pen.”