Ours for Hours by B. Love



She was goingto be upset.

This was the third night that week Raffiel had been late.

He kept telling himself that his girlfriend, Nataly, would understand. They both worked for rich, powerful black families. In fact, those families were the reason Raffiel and Nataly were even together. It was their parents’ bright idea that the two families join. Had Raffiel not been attracted to Nataly he would not have even considered dating her… family be damned. To their credit, Nataly was beautiful and just as ambitious as he was when they’d first met three years ago, so getting together made sense.

Time, however, unraveled things inside both of them that kept them from getting married immediately. Though Raffiel hadn’t found a way to tell his parents they would never get married, he wasn’t in much of a rush to end things. With his schedule and commitment to his family’s business, he had no room for love. Hell, he could barely take the time to date Nataly, and while she was understanding of the priority he placed on the business, Raffiel could also sense her growing frustration.

This was the third night he’d been late.

In a rush to get to his woman, Raffiel quickly killed the engine of his Jaguar and jogged toward Nataly’s front door. Letting himself inside, he took the stairs by two up to her room. His haste was halted at the sound of knocking. Fist lifted to pound on the door, Raffiel listened intently. He wanted to believe his ears were playing tricks on him. It sounded like Nataly’s wooden bed was banging against the wall.

Nataly’s quiet moans filled his ears causing his eyes to shut, but when he heard, “Nataly, this pussy is so fucking wet,” muttered by a familiar voice, they snapped back open.

Jaw clenched, Raffiel’s fist opened. His fingers trembled as they covered the knob. With quiet, slow movements, Raffiel turned the knob and opened the door. His brother and girlfriend were so busy fucking each other they didn’t notice him step inside. Light, long steps led Raffiel over to the bed. He cracked his neck, watching them for a moment.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Raffiel chuckled before biting his bottom lip and wrapping his arm around his brother’s neck. Lifting him off the bed, Raffiel squeezed, more than okay with being the one to drain his brother of his soul. Nataly’s screams went in one ear and out of the other as she hopped from the bed and shielded herself with her black sheet and duvet… as if he hadn’t seen, felt, worshipped her body a million times before.

As his brother, Montez, clawed at his arm, Raffiel tightened the hold he had on his neck.

“You’re going to kill him!” Nataly yelled, scooting up the bed and pressing against the headboard.

“That’s the point,” Raffiel gritted, staring into her eyes. He couldn’t look away. A part of him wanted Nataly to be looking at him the moment his brother died. His death was going to be on her hands, all because she allowed Montez to put his dick in her pussy.

“Raffiel, please!” she begged with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Let him go!”

“Why?” Raffiel taunted, feeling his brother weaken against him. It wouldn’t be long soon. “You fell in love with him too?” He scoffed. “What am I saying? You were never in love with me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have cheated on me with my brother!”

“I did love you,” she assured, crawling over to the edge of the bed. Her covering fell, and Raffiel’s eyes lowered to her breasts. His eyes closed as he thought about his brother suckling them. “I do love you. I-it was a mistake!”

His eyes opened as Montez finally stopped moving against him. Releasing him, Raffiel allowed his limp body to hit the ground.

“The only reason you aren’t on the floor next to him is because I was raised not to put my hands on women.”

“Rell, I…”

He lifted his hand to silence her. “You’d better stay the hell away from me and my family because I will be giving my sister permission to beat your ass every time she sees you.”

Nataly’s shoulders sagged as her expression covered with sadness. “Raffiel, please. Just let me explain.”

“I’ll have someone come and get my things.” He looked down at his brother, head shaking at the rise and fall of Montez’s chest. He was still alive. Unable to resist, he kicked Montez in the side of his head, unmoved by Nataly’s scream. “Remember what the fuck I said. It will be your only warning.”

Stepping over Montez’s body, Raffiel released a long breath as he loosened his tie. Their relationship had exceeded its expiration date. There was no doubt they would be over soon. And if Raffiel was to be honest with himself, it wasn’t the cheating that fucked with him most—it was who she’d cheated on him with. There was no sadness or hurt in his heart because of her infidelity. That was a reflection of her character, not an indication of anything he lacked. There was, however, a hell of a lot of hate in his heart toward her and his brother, and there was no doubt in Raffiel’s mind that neither would be dissolving soon.