Whisky by J.E. Daelman

Chapter 1


Walking around my home, I can't help but smile. One story, three beds, two baths, kitchen, utility, living room, and an office or fourth bed, sitting on half an acre with lawns and borders. 

It's taken me a long time to get to this point. Wanting to settle down and have my own place, maybe a good woman and kids.

Seeing Nash so happy has me thinking of my future and what could be. Trouble is, finding the woman to have the life Nash is leading.

The kitchen door crashes open and Harper dashes in. "Whisky! I need your help."

Shaking my head and smiling to myself, I just love living next door to my best friend and his family. Harper is amazing and Storm is very handsome. Nash is lucky to have a son.

"What's going on Harps?" Which has become my favorite nickname for her, although she answers to Annie too, as in Annie Oakley, because of her shotgun, 'Betty'.

"Storm needs to go to the clubhouse to Mary, and I've got to be at the motel. Can you take Storm for me, please? Pretty please?" Harper sings songs to me. She knows I will before she asks.

"Is he in the SUV?"

"Yes, but if we quickly transfer him to yours, I can still get to the motel on time." she grabs my hand and drags me out the kitchen door to her house, thankfully Nash put a gate in or she'd drag me over the damn hedge I'm sure.

Opening the back door of the SUV I smile at Storm who is growing so fast, "Hello little man," I say as I unstrap him and pick him up and much to my amusement, he throws his arms out and grabs my beard, which he does all the time, but he talks gobbledegook to me as he's doing it.

"Yeah, that's right." I say to him, agreeing with whatever he thinks he's telling me.

"It's a good thing we put a car seat in the back of your SUV Whisky, it helps a lot." Harper says as she grabs his bag and follows me back to my property and vehicle.

"Harps, go lock my back door for me 'cause I don't wanna leave Storm in the driveway on his own." I state as I'm strapping him in the car seat.

Running off to lock up, I shake my head as she is such a whirlwind and before you can spit she's back again, leans in kisses Storm's forehead, then kisses my cheek and dashes back to her own vehicle.

"Damn Storm, your momma needs to get herself organized, she's always chasing her tail." I tell the little guy and he's still smiling and gurgling at me.

When I walk into the clubhouse, it seems pretty quiet, but as it's midweek, everyone will be at work, doing one thing or another. 

Thunder strolls over, takes Storm from my arms and walks off without a word, well he is Storm's grandpops so I know it's okay.

"I don't know if he's eaten yet Thunder." I shout out as he's walking away. Quickly following to pass him the bag that has all of Storm's baby stuff.

"I'll sort him out, you can fuck off now." Thunder states, giving me his I've got this you asshole look.

Shaking my head, I walk over and enter the kitchen. "Mary, Storm is here and was commandeered by Thunder." I smirk.

Mary turns from where she is working at the sink. "Okay Whisky, thanks for bringing him. Harper let me know you were on your way with him."

Giving Mary a nod, I pour a coffee, taking it with me as I head for a chair in the dining area. Sitting, I take out my cellphone and text Shades. I need to know where he wants me today.

Watching the commons, I note Thunder playing with Storm, trying to teach him to walk. What the fuck! He's way too young for that.

My cellphone pings and looking at the new message, I have to be at the old ink shop where Nash, Ice and Cali are ripping out everything from the apartment above the shop.

Walking back into the kitchen, I rinse my cup and stand it next to the sink, turn, kiss Mary on the cheek with a grin as she blushes and head out to my vehicle.

Pulling into the back of the old ink shop, I park and enter through the back door. Heading up the stairs to the apartment, I open the door and see Nash removing a cabinet from the wall.

"Everything running to plan?" I ask him and he turns to look at me.

"Yeah, we've nearly taken everything out, just finishing here. Ice and Cali are working on the bathroom." He states and nods for me to grab the other end of the cabinet.

The apartment is not large, two bedrooms, bath, kitchen, utility and living room. If we open up the two bedrooms, it would make a superb sized one. Doing the same with the living room and kitchen would be good too, as they could be separated with an island where bar stools could sit, rather than having a dining table and chairs.

Looking around, I see the plans and study the layout, which turn out to be what I had just been imagining. This will be a nice apartment for the shop downstairs when it's renovated.

"It'll be a nice apartment once we have it done. I like the fact it'll have a large bedroom and kitchen with a living room, rather than these small rooms." Nash says as he passes by, carrying the last of the cabinets to be discarded.

The rest of the day we spent stripping everything out of the apartment until we have just a bare shell so we can knock out walls, then re-plaster, floor and add all fixtures and fittings.

"Come on Whisky, we need to get a move on, we have Church tonight." Cali shouts as he leaves the apartment, laughing and pushing Ice in front of him.

Nash locks up and jumps in my SUV I turn to look at him, he shrugs his shoulders and grins, "Harper has our SUV and Ice picked me up this morning because you were still in bed."

"Hey, it was supposed to be my day off until Shades decided I was working and your ol' lady gets me to take Storm to the clubhouse as she was late again."

"Come on, let's go home." Nash grumbles.

"Well, if you're getting a ride home with me, I'm coming to yours to eat." I chuckle, causing Nash to grumble some more.

Reaching home, we see Harper is back now and we walk into the kitchen to hear Storm crying and Harper singing softly to try to calm him.

I walk over and take Storm from her and he quietens when he realizes he has new attention, grabbing my beard and yanking for all he's worth.

Nash kisses Harper, leading her into the living room. "What's going on here? You're upset."

"I picked Storm up from the clubhouse and he's not stopped crying since I got home. I've fed him and changed him but he just wouldn't stop." Harper says with a tear running down her cheek.

"What if I run home, wash up then take Storm with me to the clubhouse, I can eat there and Thunder can babysit while you have a break Harper," Before she can complain I continue, "Come on now, we have Church tonight and we can bring him home with us." I offer, hoping she'll agree, as she looks exhausted.

Nash takes Storm from me and nods that I head out. I quickly dash out of the back door, understanding that we're going to follow my idea.

Half an hour later, I'm back and packing Storm into my SUV, and Harper hugs me with a thank you before she disappears indoors.

Nash nods and smiles, "Thanks Whisky, I won't be far behind you, I just want to make sure Harper's okay."

Back at the clubhouse, I quickly pass Storm over to his grandpops and head to the bar for a beer, before I walk over and grab a plate, piling it up with meat loaf, mash potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Relaxing while I'm eating, I think about what we will discuss in Church tonight.